Three Ireland

Altion have been working closely with Three Ireland since 2010 to mechanize their network configuration inorder to provide a speedy, reliable and cost effective roll out of their mobile network.

The Mobile Network Parameter System (MNPS) product is a web-based application to support the management of the configuration, neighbour relations and auditing of the mobile network.

Services provided include:

  • Management of the configuration and rollout of the Network
  • Mechanization of the network configuration to provide a speedy, reliable and cost effective roll out
  • Management of changes to the network configuration
  • Management of re­parenting
  • Management of Neighbour relations including Intra­Nodal, Inter­Nodal and cross technology neighbours
  • Audit and correction of records against the network

Value for Three Ireland

  • Altion ensured a successful deployment of MNPS.
  • Altion are highly competitive on price and have been highly praised by Three Ireland for providing a world class product
  • Real value for money compared to other suppliers in the OSS space
  • Access to a team with specialist expertise and experience of OSS Inventory projects
  • Clear and direct dialogue with the Altion team
  • Successful and cost efficient support, maintenance, on­going configuration, customisation and upgrades