Altion put Mobile Network Parameter Management System live in 3 Ireland

Altion have successfully put their Mobile Network Parameter Management System live in 3 Ireland.

BTS’s and Node B’s  must be regularly re-configured to match the latest network configuration for capacity, power and frequency.   To ensure correct configuration, operators must gather information from multiple systems including planning, inventory and order systems before BTS/Node B   configuration.  As networks grow and evolve, this process becomes ever more complex and time-consuming.  Altion's Mobile Network Parameter Managment System is an OSS that enables highly efficient BTS/Node B configuration. 

Altion's Mobile Network Parameter Management System provides automated interfaces with planning, inventory and orders systems, verification and cross-check of configuration parameters, configuration template and individual configuration dictionary per node.

Benefits include Automated interface between planning and order systems. Reduced time and effort for planning and cross-checking. Reduced incidence of invalid or contradictory configuration orders. Quick and comprehensive query or reporting on configuration status.