Altion Data Synchronisation

Operators want to minimise operating costs and to automate OSS processes as far as possible. Even minor mismatches in network and planning data can prevent operators from achieving these goals.Altion DataSync is used to reduce OSS data inaccuracy and the associated costs for fixed line and mobile operators. Altion DataSync delivers value quickly while creating an OSS environment that is ready for full automation.

The operator benefits with Altion DataSync include:

  • Increased network utilisation: full network capacity can be seen and utilised in planning.
  • Reduced planning effort: planning effort and costs are reduced significantly.
  • Reduced provisioning effort: correct orders from correct information means best use of effort.
  • Optimised order processing: work orders can be completed correctly and efficiently.
  • Optimised fault management: root cause analysis and correlation is possible, meaning improved response times and reduced costs.
  • Responsive customer care: faults and capacity queries can be resolved efficiently.

Owners of Altion DataSync have been delighted to find an industry leading solution that delivers real operational value at a price that has no competition in the market.

Altion DataSync can be used in a wide range of network types including Ethernet, IP, ATM, PDH, SDH and DWDM. With a growing range of interface libraries available, Altion DataSync implementation is rapid and network inaccuracy becomes visible and addressable quickly.

For more information on Altion DataSync, download our factsheet here.