About Altion

Altion design, deploy, integrate and support Operation Support Systems (OSS) for telecommunications operators. We reduce OSS costs through automation of OSS processes. We have been doing this for 20 years.

Altion work with mobile and fixed-line operators world-wide designing, integrating, maintaining and supporting OSS. Altion products provide comprehensive OSS inventory solutions with a focus on reducing operating costs. Altion is a strong solutions partner working with Amdocs OSS, Alcatel, Celona, Comptel (AXIOSS) and Sidonis. We have an extensive track-record of delivering real solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

OSS Integration

Network configuration is an essential part of administrating and managing a communications network infrastructure, but the days of tedius network configuration and optimisation are now over, thanks to Altion OSS integration tools. For example, our self organising network (SON) tools uses a set of complex algorithms that can efficiently control selected parameters of a network, and integrate with existing network OSS.

Data Visualisation

Network management tools generate a lot of data. Often this data is not suitable for viewing in a tabular form, but is easy to interpret when rendered using visualisation components such as Google Maps and D3.js.

Technologies we use: