Altion MNPS

Operators want to minimize operating costs and to automate OSS processes as far as possible.  Configuring BTS’s and Node B’s requires gathering information from multiple planning and inventory systems.  Maintaining the configuration for each node can require increasing effort as a network grows and evolves. Altion's Mobile Network Parameter Management System enables highly efficient BTS/Node B configuration and on-going data management.   

The operator benefits with Altion MNPS include:

  • Data correlation:  automated interfaces in Altion NetCon take data from the relevant planning and inventory systems as needed. 
  • Data retrieval:  the comprehensive database in Altion MNPS includes node templates and individual node dictionaries to allow easy access, review and use of node data. As the network evolves and grows, the savings in effort and cost become even more valuable. 
  • Efficient node changes: OSS staff can use Altion MNPS to access template settings, node settings and neighbouring node data for each node change. This reduces both the effort and potential for error in every change. 
  • Reduced planning effort:  planning effort and costs for node changes are reduced significantly. 


Altion MNPS enables OSS staff to be highly efficient in accessing and changing data for BTS's and Node B's.  This has an immediate and real impact on OSS costs.

For more information on Altion MNPS, download our factsheet here.